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Writing Winning Copy that Gets Real Results!

Exactly! That is what our copywriting services will achieve when you choose us for your content writing requirements. Copy writing is essentially a function that ensures development of rich, high quality content that can be very effective in eliciting the right response from users. This can be in the form of an online purchase or a form submission to request more information. Copy writing services we provide are offered in the following formats based on the precise requirements being made by our subset of customers.

Website Copy Writing

Web content assumes significance as it is the first non-verbal interaction which a brand makes with its target audience. And we ensure that your brand’s message is conveyed succinctly with the right choice of words in the minimum screen space that a web page offers. Users usually scan web pages and our copy is written with this fact in mind in an inverted pyramid format that defines good copy.

SEO Copy Writing

Writing customized copy in accordance with the keywords that define a particular business is our forte. Our team of skilled copywriters ensure that all relevant keywords are incorporated and neatly dispersed within the content of a portal to help boost its rankings on all major search engines. We support SEO initiatives through regular blogs, classified text ads, and other such content initiatives that ensure consistent high ranks and visibility for specific web pages.

Press Release Services

Press Releases are now increasingly being used by companies pursuing a “press-first” approach to generate awareness about their new launches. With our SEO-optimized press releases, you are sure to get glowing press reviews and save significantly on advertising costs. By leveraging our press release writing services, you will get high enquiries and build a sustainable brand that can last a century. Our team of copywriters can develop press releases that can come high on search engine result pages whenever readers punch search queries to know more about your product or service.

Copy Editing Services

Obfuscating existing web copy through sharp, insightful copy –editing services is also part of our copywriting services portfolio. Given the high quality content we generate on a daily basis, brand custodians often approach us for editing existing web copy that is not achieving its stated objective. And the repeat business we get in this domain highlights our attention to detail and our ability to convert sub-optimal copy into eyeball-winning copy that gets the right results.

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