Describe the scope of small businesses

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Q. How can you describe the scope of small businesses in today’s online landscape?

A: Online businesses had never been so much at the profitable end as they are now. They have the option of marketing their services at Facebook or Google on a daily basis, which has brought about numerous customers to their doorsteps – which a rather new trend in business. This is one of the cost effective ways to start up one’s business. More and more people are joining the internet forums these days and people are becoming more aware of the Internet usage. Due to this, the gap in the online business which existed earlier has been reduced to a larger extent and online business owners are now more confident than ever.

Q. So why do the online entrepreneurs still hesitate to start up their own business?

A: Perhaps the biggest challenge for all the beginners is to find the right tools that would help them make a successful online business. The new entrepreneurs now have a wide range of services to choose from to start up their online business. We’re aiming to make it easier for business owners to get those right tools at all place so that their work can process seamlessly and they don’t have to put much effort.

Q. What are some of the features that attract people to your website?

A: I see many websites which have a good potential but aren’t optimized enough to attract customers. Sometimes they use certain features which do not open well with mobile phones or sometimes the website designing is just too complicated for people to find the key information. Since internet has gone through rapid changes and people have changed their buying habits, similarly, old websites need to be modified enough to attract new customers.
Moreover, a website presence is not just the website itself, but it has to be branched outwards, via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. To make your impression on the customers you must use these forums. Majority of people search at two to three places before making a purchase decision, so you will have to go there where people are looking for, you have to place an option.

Q. How do people today connect with their local customers?

A: People have differing preferences according to their demographic and geographic locations. In today’s date the smartphones and search engines play a major role in discovering products. This is what gave us the idea of “Get Found.” We wanted to give our customers a tool with which they can access the right information and get noticed wherever their customers are looking.

Q. In what way does “Get Found” make online businesses easy?

A: We have made the finding and maintaining your content much easier with “Get Found.” All you have to do is just filling out the profile and we do the publishing and distribution of your information for you. This can be done in just a few minutes; you no longer have to spend hours and hours to fill out forms. You can import your menu content from a Word doc or PDF or other sources and we do the rest of the work. Within minutes you can see your information getting published.

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